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Now, more than ever, personal and corporate safety depends not only on a team of professionals for protection but also on those with comprehensive research and analysis skills. No matter what the issue you’re looking to resolve, members of Mossad can provide the solution you need. Investigation or private Security, Mossad has highly trained people in each discipline, ready to work for you.


Tenant Screening

Most property owners don’t understand the legal risks of renting to strangers. We do.


There are intelligent and proper ways to search for whatever. Find out how
we go about things.


Burying “treasure” has been done for over ten thousand years. We can dig up what you must find.


We’re all being watched more than ever. We can look out for you and your back like never before.


The past of some people and things is sometimes shady. Let us shine some light on it.


Before you spend any money on any business be sure you know exactly what you’re buying.


The best employee usually begins by getting the best person with the right skills. We can help.



We’re all at greater risk now when traveling by vehicle down a street or highway.  It’s all over the news.  But, for those with higher safety demands and the modest means to address their concerns, we have solutions.  Yes, there is a way to ride very comfortably and in safety at the same time! Mossad […]

Construction Site Security

A building is built to withstand the forces of mother nature and hopefully whatever those with evil intent might try attempt. When that edifice is being erected however, the chain link fence or wood boards around the construction area don’t offer the same level of protection. That’s why more and more construction managers are contacting […]

Mobile Patrol

MOSSAD guards in specially equipped vehicles can provide 24/7 proactive protection in any geographic area you designate. We assign them to provide random patrols and they’re prepared to provide emergency response whenever required.


We provide operational plans in the event of fires and natural disasters. MOSSAD works closely with federal and local law enforcement agencies, fire departments and first responders. When fire guards are mandated for a construction site, hotel, motel, high-rise building, buildings w/o sprinklers, boat yards, events, etc., contact MOSSAD for protection and safety.

Process serving

Few things are mishandled more than when it comes to processing serving.  Not with us.

armed/unarmed security

Whatever kind of protection you require, it’s available here.  Say the word and safety is delivered.

armed courier

“Have gun.  Will travel.” That’s a famous quote from an old TV western.  We’re ready to go. 

dignitary escorts/executive protection

Protecting life above anything else is our most important mission.  We successfully do both anyway.

security surveillance

When called upon, our personnel know exactly what to look for with the best equipment to do it.

armed response

In case of an emergency, you’ll need help fast. Just call us and it will be on the way without delay.